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Formerly Interstate Building Supply, Siwek Lumber Le Sueur supplies top-quality lumber, tools, and hardware supplies for homeowners and contractors.

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Backyard DIY Projects for Summer

A great outdoor structure can enhance the beauty and use of your entire outdoor living space. Check out these plans for strong, stylish outdoor structures such as pergolas, pavilions and patio covers by Strong-Tie DIY.

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Siwek's History

In 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, Joseph and Frances Siwek began what is now SIWEK LUMBER & MILLWORK, INC. The young family, newly married with a young baby, Joe Jr., struggled to make it. Unemployment peaked at nearly 25%, jobs were scarce, and Joe, Sr layed-off from his job at the railroad, began the unimaginable – a new business.

Given permission from his former employer, Joe, Sr began dismantling “retired” wooden boxcars, bundled the scraps and pedaled them as heating firewood. Loose coal along the rail lines also was packaged and re-sold to families desperate to heat their homes. Times were tough, but so were the Siwek’s. An important work ethic was born.

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