Lumber Company Overview

Canfor is one of largest manufacturers of sustainable wood building products. They have earned a reputation for producing top quality wood solutions that distributors, builders and homeowners alike have come to rely on. The company began in 1930 when two brother-in-law entrepreneurs built a small mill. In the beginning they were a furniture and paneling veneer company. Later, they became a supplier of plywood for marine and aviation applications.

Commitment to Sustainable Lumber

Canfor is dedicated to producing high-quality wood products with the environment in mind. Environmental responsibility is a part of Canfor’s commitment to its clients. Canfor sources their wood through a combination of publicly and privately owned land. Every day, Canfor is researching new ways to develop sustainable green building products to better serve the market.

Lumber Products

Canfor offers a wide range of top quality products from sustainable wood pellets to export grade spruce, pine and fir. All boards are coated with an appearance override to ensure that every piece is delivered straight with no wane. Studs are available finger joined and solid. The following products are used in both residential and commercial construction:

  • Western and Eastern SPF Framing Lumber
    • SPF Dimension Lumber
    • SPF Solid Stud
    • SPF MSR and Finger Joined Studs
  • Canfor Southern Yellow Pine
    • SYP Dimension Lumber
    • SYP Treated Lumber
    • SYP Finger Joined Lumber
  • Export Grade SPF
  • Canfor Red
  • Canfor Pulp
    • Market Pulp
    • Kraft Paper

For more information about the different grades, appearance benefits and structural performance limits, speak to a professional at Siwek Lumber in Le Sueur. We will help you find the best products for your next project.