Lumber Company Overview

Tolko Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of forest products to consumers all around the world. Since 1956, Tolko has been manufacturing lumber, unbleached kraft papers, panel products, co-products, biomass power and specialty wood products. It started out as a family-owned company, and now manages progressive business practices with many traditional values. They have come to be known for their reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Sustainable Lumber Practices

For many years, they have continually updated their Environmental Policy and have developed complete Forest Management Principles, making it a goal to continue learning and improving. All of their practices demonstrate an innovative and sensitive approach to forestland management, making their activities ecologically suitable, economically feasible, and socially acceptable. Wood building materials are better for the environment in many ways. Wood is one of the greenest building materials with less global warming potential, and Tolko uses this to the greatest advantage. Tolko products are designed for both residential and commercial projects to fit all kinds of needs around the world.