It takes more than shingles to sufficiently protect a roof. In order to avoid costly damages to the structure and exterior walls of a roof, an integrated system is necessary. With an integrated roofing system, you can rest assured that all of the roofing components are working together to enhance performance. A healthy, long-lasting roof is made up of multiple layers and products of protective elements. At Siwek Lumber in Le Sueur, our goal is to provide our customers with the best materials at an affordable price.

What We Offer

In order for a roof to operate and perform the way it was intended to, it needs a variety of components working together.

  • Roof deck sheeting
  • Weatherproof ice and water shields
  • roofing felt/synthetic felt
  • High-quality shingles or other roofing materials
  • Ventilation system

Speak with a roofing professional at Siwek Lumber in Le Sueur today. All of our products work together to eliminate moisture damage, shingle deterioration, improper water infiltration and shingle blow-offs.

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